About Us

Vision Statement

To help shape the future by serving the community as a viable and effective resource, enable citizens to achieve greater social and economic parity, and realize a higher quality of life.

Mission Statement
To lead positive social change by providing scholarships and social programs that educate, empower and enhance the lives of individuals and families residing in the Crenshaw District and surrounding communities.

Board of Directors:
Parkside EDC’s Board of Directors includes members with expertise and diverse backgrounds in education, health, marketing, business management, community development and law.

Rev. Jerrold Smith, CEO
Charles Moorehead, President
Shirley Worrels, Vice-President
David L. Murphy, CFO/Treasurer
Michelle White, Secretary
Patricia Jackson-Kelley, Parliamentarian

Board Members:
Nelson L. Atkins, Ralph Gilmer, Nathaniel White Sr., Darryl Reed, Damon Wilson, Deanna Hampton, Rena Bishop – Administrative Assistant

Dr. Ronnie Jones, Founder & Chairman Emeritus
Jan Mayes, President Emeritus

Board Commitment
Execute the mission and vision of Parkside EDC with diligence, integrity and compassion.


  • Expand scholarship funding and youth outreach efforts
  • Secure a larger facility to support outreach and educational activities
  • Create and support economic and business development programs
  • Increase senior support services

Programs in Development

  • Financial Literacy
  • Mentoring
  • Parenting
  • Music & Arts


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